Tuesday, September 21, 2010


have i told you I have chickens? 
in the past four months we have adopted 10 chickens, most of them tiny bantams and therefor unsexed. 
we have ended up with 7 roosters and three hens.
since we are unable to keep roosters in the city we have donated them to some very sweet farms where they will be loved and taken care of.
our three girls are named Maude, Winnie and Tilly.
Maude is the first to start laying, and each day produces one perfect white egg.
there is nothing more delicious than a farm fresh egg.
three eggs-$0 

a beautiful bundle

this pretty little bundle is the result of an hour spend aimlessly wandering around the Mill End fabric store.
unfortunately for me this fabric superstore is located a mere 10 minute drive from my house, and carries some of the most exquisite fabric I have ever seen.
each time I enter the store I tell myself that I should be happy just to look, touch and smell all of these gorgeous textiles...and every time I leave with a hefty little bundle of beauty.
on this particular trip i was in search of wool to make a heavy winter scarf. 
but the sweet little old lady working in the wool department informed me that if i was able to wait until October all of the wools would be discounted 25%. 
So, I bought;
2 yards flannel plaid-$14
12 yards seembinding tape- $4
1 yard discontinued linen upholstery fabric-$4.50

so if you can wait, go into Mill End Store in October for some great deals on all of their gorgeous wools!