Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a beautiful bundle

this pretty little bundle is the result of an hour spend aimlessly wandering around the Mill End fabric store.
unfortunately for me this fabric superstore is located a mere 10 minute drive from my house, and carries some of the most exquisite fabric I have ever seen.
each time I enter the store I tell myself that I should be happy just to look, touch and smell all of these gorgeous textiles...and every time I leave with a hefty little bundle of beauty.
on this particular trip i was in search of wool to make a heavy winter scarf. 
but the sweet little old lady working in the wool department informed me that if i was able to wait until October all of the wools would be discounted 25%. 
So, I bought;
2 yards flannel plaid-$14
12 yards seembinding tape- $4
1 yard discontinued linen upholstery fabric-$4.50

so if you can wait, go into Mill End Store in October for some great deals on all of their gorgeous wools!

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